Looking after your stained glass piece

The owner’s guide for living with and loving your glass art
If one of our creations has become yours here’s how to make sure you will enjoy it for years to come.
Hanging Suncatchers; We recommend that your piece is hung on a hook that has been securely screwed into a solid material ie. something that is going to take the weight of your glass art. Suction cup hangers are not intended for larger pieces of glass and are generally not reliable as they can unstick very quickly.     
Cleaning your glass; Your stained glass piece has been cleaned, waxed and buff polished prior to your purchase. Aside from a gentle dusting, (a clean makeup brush is ideal for intricate pieces), cleaning your glass with window cleaners or any other chemical cleaners is not recommended as they could damage the lead, solder or glass let alone the integrity of the piece. Although we are relentless in cleaning your item, from time to time the patina may start to look a little tarnished. This is caused by oxidisation which leaves a whitish substance on the surface of the lead solder.  A small amount of boot polish on an old toothbrush lightly brushed over the surface followed by a gentle polish should remove the tarnish. 
Handling your glass; Please note that the ingestion of any lead can cause health issues and your stained glass piece has been constructed using a 60/40 solder or lead came. Even though each piece is sealed in the finishing process, it is recommended that you wash your hands with soap and water after handling which should be sufficient in preventing unwanted exposure.